Feed Management

Usually, during the day, the production dairy cows stay on the irrigated pasture composed by white clover and fescue, after that they return to the management park where they are supplemented with corn silage and oat hay. Besides the forage, each animal eats daily 8 to 9 kg of a specific commercial concentrate and 1,2 kg of corn meal. The concentrate is distributed during the two daily milking, according to individual production. In some periods of the year and according to dairy cows needs it is distributed alfalfa hay and oat hay at the manger. When it is necessary to reinforce the ingestion of dry forages it is rationed barley straw (wet) irrigated with molasses and water in 1:10 proportion increasing, that way, the palatability of the straw. The animals always have available salt, minerals and vitamins in blocks.

During the dry period the cows (the dry cows) are located on a dry pasture being supplemented, when necessary, with straw and/or oat hay. They are also distributed 2,5 kg/cow/day of a specific commercial concentrate for dry cows.

The heifer’s for rearing are placed on dry pasture where they are supplemented whit 2,5 kg/heifer/day of specific commercial concentrate, lucerne and oat hay and straw.

The calves are fed with fresh colostrum during the first 3 days after birth. The colostrum is distributed after milking the respective mothers. Since then and until the weaning day, they ingest 3 l of milk. They have always water, lucerne hay and a specific commercial concentrate for calves at disposal.

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