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Dear Dairy Producer, this is an extension service made by Agriculture School of Castelo Branco to support the DAIRY CATTLE PRODUCTION.

If you want to be informed about news related with dairy cows breeding and/or milk production, please send us your e-mail address to:

You also could be in contact with the Agriculture School of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco by electronic mail asking questions related with dairy cattle production.

In this web page you can view and print several scientific and technical papers (only in Portuguese) that will be useful for your daily activity as a dairy producer.

  • Calendário circular para previsão de acontecimentos reprodutivos

  • Equipamento de ordenha

  • Colostro fermentado naturalmente, um alimento alternativo no aleitamento de vitelos

  • Condutibilidade eléctrica do leite

  • Código de Boas Práticas Agrícolas   

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