The heifers are ready for reproduction when they have 15 month of age and when her live height is around 55% of the Holstein Friesian mature height. With this management we pretend that the first parturition may occur at 24 month of age with a life height corresponding to 82% of the mature height.

The cows are inseminated on the first oestrum that occurs 50 days after the parturition. For the artificial insemination we use Holstein Friesian bulls tested semen.

The oestrum detection is made by the workers in the farm or by the responsible person. All of the dairy cows have in her neck an activity detector wich information helps the oestrum detection through the utilization of specific computer software.

The pregnancy diagnosis is made by the observation of a new oestrum 21 days after the AI and it is confirmed 35 days later through ultrasound.

The end of milking is made at 45 days before the estimated day of parturition.

Parturitions are monitored through a gadget placed on the tail of the female informing via sms, with a high degree of precision, the moment of calving.


All the cows are morphologicaly classified by a technician of the Portuguese Holstein Friesian Breeders Association, which are also responsible for the HERD BOOK of this breed.

The AI bulls are criteriously chosen to correct on the heifers, the defects of her’s mothers. The main objectives are to improve milk production and milk protein in terms of productive parameters and the mammary system and rear legs in terms of morphologic parameters.

Since 2000, it has been used semen from Holstein Friesian tested bulls like MTOTO, RAUL, MONTÙ, MONTAGUE, BLADE and JUNIOR.

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